ディズニー・リサーチ・ピッツバーグ所属の山根 克先生をお迎えいたしまして, 早稲田大学SGU-ICTロボット拠点第1回人間支援ロボット技術研究会を行いました.内容は講演会や本研究室の研究紹介を実施して講師や学生間の交流を行い,双方ともに有意義な時間を過ごすことができました.

講師: 山根 克先生(ディズニー・リサーチ・ピッツバーグ)

題目: Advanced Technologies in Entertainment Robotics

  • In this talk, I will discuss three elements that I believe are important for entertainment robots: motion style, reaction, and safety. The first part of the talk introduces various human-to-robot motion retargeting techniques for creating stylistic and expressive motions of both humanoid and non-humanoid characters. In the second part, I will demonstrate that simple, remote human-robot interaction such as playing catch and handing over an object can be engaging and entertaining by adding simple and quick reactions to human actions and events. Finally, I will introduce a few hardware prototypes of soft robots developed with the goal of realizing safe direct physical interactions including hand-shaking and hugging.