Decenber 14th, 2015

Master 2-year Tomohiro Hoshina and Takaya Takeuchi, who belong to this labratory was awarded Barrier-free system Development Foundation Award in LIFE 2015, which held in Kyushu Sangyo University from September 7th to September 9th in 2015.

Life Support Society send a few excellent paper 35 years old following presenter convention the awards. The selection committee selected 10 presenters by preliminary review and did questions. As a result, they were selected best paper award.

Winning title

  • 「半側空間無視治療のための注意の解放と移動を促す視覚誘導システムの開発と臨床評価」(Winner is Takaya Takeuchi)
  • 「麻痺性尖足に対する背屈支援RTの臨床評価」(Winner is Tomohiro Hoshina)

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