December 3rd, 2015

Undergraduate 4-year Satoshi Shima, who belongs to this labratory was adopted new research and development agenda in 2015(Program for creating STart-ups from Advanced Research and Technology(START Prigram)) by Japan Science and Technology agency.

This project is that researchers produce a prototype based on technology and idea, venture capitalists do demonstration and industrialization. Human resources who are active at home and abroad selected research and development issues in robotics and venture business and guide for team which adopted research and development issues. In addition, research and development teams adopted it produce the prototype to be embody idea.[1]

Name of research and development issues

Development of User Interface which used eye opening


  • Team leader: Satoshi Shima(This laboratory affiliation, Undergraduate 4th)
  • Supporter: Hiroyasu Iwata(This laboratory affiliation, Professor)
  • Team member: Chanjin So(This laboratory affiliation, Undergraduate 3rd)
  • Other interested parties: Koji Umeda


[1]「技術シーズ選抜育成プロジェクト〔ロボティクス分野〕」について, 国立研究開発法人 科学技術振興機構(JST)

Relevant documents

研究成果展開事業 大学発新産業創出プログラム(START)技術シーズ選抜育成プロジェクト〔ロボティクス分野〕採択課題一覧(国立研究開発法人 科学技術振興機構)
技術シーズ選抜育成プロジェクト〔ロボティクス分野〕(国立研究開発法人 科学技術振興機構)

Introduction of other media

科学技術振興機構(JST) START事業ロボティクス分野において、本学で3件が採択(早稲田大学ホームページ Topic)

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